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Help us rescue horses and provide healing for humans

THE MEDICINE HORSE PROJECT's mission is to rescue horses who have suffered or are in jeopardy of being sent to slaughter, and create equine assisted healing programs for people. Your gift today will help us carry out our mission.

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Horses Are Good Medicine!

In September of 2015 we found out that 3 medicine hat paint horses were sitting in a "kill pen" in Texas waiting to be shipped to Mexico for slaughter. With only a couple of days to act we furiously fund raised to purchase the endangered horses from the man who would otherwise sentence them to the most inhumane death that you could imagine.

Fedora, Panama and Beanie were saved at the eleventh hour and plans were made to bring them to The Medicine Horse Project in California. They were all in very poor condition when they arrived with Beanie being the worst - skin and bones - we weren't sure he would survive. But with much TLC he did, and so did the other two. Fedora, Panama and Beanie are all doing great and loving life. In fact Beanie has been adopted into an amazing lifetime home, Panama continues to offer healing to visitors and Fedora runs free on a nearby sanctuary.

Medicine Hat paints are colored horses that have a special marking around the top of their heads and ears that resembles a bonnet or hat. In early Native American culture, horses were thought to be sacred gifts from the great spirit. Those horses with the medicine hat markings were thought to have great powers of protection and healing. In fact, most of the ancient cultures that domesticated horses had similar respect and honored their equine companions. There is an old Bedouin saying: The breath of God blows between the ears of the horse. That sentiment holds true today as horses are again being acknowledged as healers with many Equine Assisted Therapy programs being developed around the world.

Horses offer us a unique opportunity to look inward at the parts of ourselves we often avoid. Chris Nichols, our President, credits working with rescued horses in teaching her about resiliency and aiding in the beginning of her own personal journey of healing and empowerment.

This is scary times that we live in. We seem to be at war with ourselves, from self imposed expectations, social judgement, and a barrage of media filled with hate and ugliness. Horses offer some people their first experience with unconditional acceptance. This is the time that we need to have a place for people of all walks of life, all ages and all cultures to come together with a rescued horse and discover healing and hope. That partnership of rescued horse and human breeds hope, strength, confidence and resilience. It helps blaze a path for both parties to gallop into successful lives.

Horses are good medicine that is why we call ourselves The Medicine Horse Project.