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Help us rescue horses and provide healing for humans

Your gift today helps us help horses in need and provide Resiliency Through Horsemanship Programs for People!

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Horses Are Good Medicine!

Please, help us continue to fight for healing. Help us continue rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming horses in need.

Your donation helps us feed and care for horses that have suffered abuse, neglect, or abandonment. We need your help to continue this powerful work. In addition to rescuing horses, your donation helps us partner those horses with humans seeking hope, healing and inspiration through our H.I.G.H.(Horse Inspired Growth and Healing) programs and our Resiliency Through Horsemanship workshops.

Read the story of Sunny and Mojo.

Sunny, a disabled, retired naval officer first met Mojo, a young newly gentled BLM wild horse at our Veteran Retreat called Awakening the Resilient Hero. Our Hero arrived feeling defeated, being weighed down by excessive medication that resulted in extra pounds and feeling a lack of purpose and motivation in her life. She shared several times prior to her arrival for the retreat that she was so weak and disabled she wasn't sure how much she would be able to participate. She feared she would sit on the sidelines of the retreats activities and only be able to watch the other veterans enjoy and interact with the horses.

When she arrived, I knew her life was about to change. She met with me hesitation and worry. First thing she said was I don't know what I will be able to do. I told her it's okay. She will do exactly what she is there to do, in what ever capacity that looks like. We let the participants chose the horses they want to spend the retreat with and no surprise to me, Sunny chose the largest horse on the ranch, Mojo.

Mojo was born wild on the range in California near the Oregon border and was rounded up and taken away from her family and her home as a yearling. She was processed for adoption and received her BLM brand and then traveled to a satellite adoption in Central California. She was magnificent, bold and stoic. Mojo was a healer.

Sunny was surprised when I handed her a halter, showed her how to catch Mojo, place a halter on her and lead her to the arena where the rest of the participants waited. Sunny was not confident she could do it. The blessing was Mojo knew she could do it.

Sunny likes to say she found her Mojo playing with a wild horse named Mojo at our Awakening the Resilient Hero Retreat. Sunny participated with Mojo in every activity during that retreat missing nothing. With every step she took with that horse she grew stronger in both spirit and confidence. The end result for Sunny was at that retreat she discovered she was in fact not disabled but incredibly ABLE. She became more active, experienced improved physical health including some dramatic weight loss and reduced her need for medication significantly. She looks about 10 years younger and has a zest for life and is living it the to fullest.

Horses offer us a unique opportunity to look inward at the parts of ourselves we often avoid. They have the power to inspire hope, healing and to help us discover the resilience some of us don't know we have.

Help us continue to rescue horses in need and partner them with people for hope, healing and resilience.

Please give today.